Sioux Falls and the surrounding residents are fortunate to have access to top-notch entertainment. With top-notch facilities of various sizes, residents have opportunities to see world-renowned entertainers in a wide variety of genres.

The Washington Pavilion of Arts & Science is a beautiful and historic building is in the heart of downtown and has something for everyone. Its Great Hall brings in a variety of acts ranging from Broadway musicals to comedians, while its more intimate theater is home to smaller productions. The Washington Pavilion's Visual Art Center features a variety of local, national, and international artists throughout its beautiful galleries. Another main attraction is the Kirby Science Discovery Center which is filled with hundreds of interactive activities for all ages. Let's not forget the Wells Fargo CineDome that has a full line-up of movies for the entire family.

Opening its doors in the fall of 2014, the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center has certainly attracted a wider array of entertainment to our area. Prior to this new event center, area residents often traveled several hours to see their favorite artists. Now people living in and around Sioux Falls can see those artists and shows close to home. When combined with the existing Arena and Convention Center, the sports and entertainment options are many: concerts, sporting events, circus acts, national conventions, comedians, weddings, bull riding, and trade shows

The District is a multi-purpose venue with a unique look and feel, holding a maximum of 1500 people. Many of their concert-goers enjoy the layout of the lower floor including the bar in the back and standing room anywhere you please. The second floor is a nice option for those who want to overlook the performance from above or enjoy a VIP Suite. With the restaurant and bar venues attached, you have everything you need for a night out.

These are just three of the many great venues in Sioux Falls which feature a constant stream of amazing concerts, shows and events. The commitment to maintaining state of the art venues and facilities, ensures that Sioux Falls continues to be a destination for the biggest names in entertainment.

What it means to me

Let It Go

by Kristi Kranz

Let it go. Years ago, this phrase became part of my internal conversation when "adult-ing" became a little too overwhelming. Little did I know, this 3-word phrase would someday take on a whole new meaning thanks to my two daughters...and a Queen named Elsa. Over the past few years, I have listened to Frozen's hit song, "Let it Go" no less than 1,000 times. My girls and I have spent a lot of quality time watching this movie in our pjs, dancing to the soundtrack in our toy room, and jamming out together during car rides. Every once in a while, their dad will even join in the fun!

Although a lot of quality time is spent at home, there is something to be said about "family outings." That is why I did not hesitate when I saw that Disney on Ice would be at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. What a perfect birthday gift for my girls.

I'm pleased to say, the show did not disappoint. The kids barely moved a muscle as they took in the entire 2-hour event which included The Lion King, Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid. It was no surprise that Frozen was featured as the finale. "Let it Go" began blasting through the speakers as the snow began to fall slowly from the ceiling. I must admit, I spent the majority of that song watching my girls instead of the beautiful Elsa on skates. As they sat on their dad's lap, they stared in awe while their little lips quietly sang along. It was a moment I'll hang onto for many years to come.

Truth be told, I would not have purchased the tickets if it weren't for it being held right here in Sioux Falls. How lucky we are to have this event center right here close to home... just think of the memories that have been and will continue to be made.