Sioux Falls' thriving medical and health care community offers state-of-the-art facilities, technology, and expertise, marked by continual expansion and growth.

Sioux Falls is in a unique position to offer services of a depth and breadth that are beyond most cities of our size, due to the fact that it is home to two nationally recognized health systems including Avera Health and Sanford Health. Both systems offer tertiary teaching hospitals, community hospitals in outlying towns, a network of primary and specialty care clinics, a full range of medical specialties, sports and fitness facilities, home medical equipment, research centers and more. Between the two health systems, patients have access to specialized facilities and programs for pediatric care, same-day and inpatient surgery, cardiology and vascular care, oncology, solid organ and bone marrow transplant, and behavioral health.

Beyond the continuum of care offered by the two major health systems are stand-alone surgery centers, orthopedic centers, the Sioux Falls VA Health Care System, a robust public health department, long-term care and assisted living centers, counseling and mental health treatment centers, and numerous dental, chiropractic, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy and independent physician practices.

This full array of health care services makes Sioux Falls a destination for patients as well as people interested in pursuing a career in health care.

Opportunities abound in the medical fields, with careers in every discipline. Technicians and support staff, doctors and nurses, specialists and researchers. Whatever your chosen path in the medical field, Sioux Falls is a place where you can thrive and grow in your career.

What it means to me

New Beginnings

by Nick & Amanda Fosheim

We are blessed. We are fortunate!

That is how we feel living in this community and region. Life has changed for us over the last three years; the offer of new jobs, relocating to the area, getting married, buying our dream home, discovering we were pregnant . . . and the arrival of our greatest joy in 2016!

When we discovered we were pregnant we started exploring the many options available for prenatal care, classes, healthcare specialists and birthing facilities. It was an exciting time! Everything was progressing well and we were able to access a ton of resources from day one. A few months in, however, we had a scare as we learned we would be dealing with gestational diabetes for the remainder of our pregnancy. It was a bit trying . . . but we were in good hands . . . in a great medical community! All the medical resources, specialist and support we needed or might possibly need for the duration of our pregnancy were available right here.

In June we celebrated the arrival of our healthy, beautiful baby boy , , , we are blessed!

After our little guy arrived we had access to a ton of informative and fun classes that helped us transition into parenthood, with the added benefit of meeting and connecting with other new parents. What a truly amazing journey it has been!

We are fortunate . . . we live in an area with world-class medical care!