Sioux Falls residents are fortunate to have an abundance of sports options and outdoor activities from which to choose, regardless of the season.

By bringing multiple facilities together in one area, the Sanford Sports Complex offers enthusiasts the opportunity to play hockey or ice skate in the summer, enjoy a tennis match in the winter and participate in other activities such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and football year-round.

These facilities can be utilized by people of all ages and abilities, including children who advance their skills by participating in camps and team events, up-and-coming high school and college athletes who use state-of-the-art training equipment to refine their skills. Adults as well, both "Armchair quarterbacks" and exceptional athletes alike can participate just for fun, to stay in shape or to take their game to the next level.

Sioux Falls is one of the best cities around to hit the links, boasting five golf courses within the city limits. If you think the Great Plains doesn't provide the elevation conducive for the slopes, you will be pleasantly mistaken. Great Bear Ski Area offers residents and visitors alike great runs for downhill skiing, snowboarding and tubing.

Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck at Covell Lake, Family Park or the Big Sioux River, and eastern South Dakota is considered the Pheasant Hunting Capital of the world. For those desiring a blend of outdoor activity and exercise, try cross country skiing on groomed trails or running, biking or in-line skating on the nearly 30 mile bike trail that encircles the city.

Sioux Falls offers countless opportunities for sports and outdoor recreation, regardless of the season, so get out there and enjoy!

What it means to me

Winning All the Way.

by Mike Lynch

For many years, tennis has been a prominent aspect of our family life. I introduced my daughter to this amazing sport when she was around five years old. Though she was barely taller than the net at the time, to see her swing the racket as she giggled incessantly with every ball that I tossed to her, was one of the most cherished memories I have from her youth. Throughout the years, her skills improved and she became a competitive high school player. This, of course, evolved from hundreds of hours on court working on her serve, backhand and forehand.

One of the most enjoyable places to play in the area is McKennan Park. With a pristine playing surface surrounded by mature trees, it has always been a favorite for us, especially in the fall when the leaves are falling and the competition for court time is favorable. Currently, my daughter is a college student, four hours from home. Therefore, our opportunities to play are now limited to breaks such as Thanksgiving and Christmas — not a particularly conducive time of year to play tennis in the Upper Midwest. However, with the recent completion of the Huether Family Match Pointe indoor public tennis facility, we are able to play throughout the cold weather months.

For some people, winning matches is the most rewarding aspect of the game. Though there were plenty of wins along the way, the most rewarding times have been those in which the sport has fortified our father-daughter relationship. Tennis in Sioux Falls has given us an opportunity to spend time together and provided us with memories that we will continue to share for a lifetime.