As one of the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest, Sioux Falls' thriving job market offers challenging and promising careers in cutting-edge fields. The city has been recognized nationally for its economic climate — Forbes has named Sioux Falls one of the top Small Cities for Business and Careers each of the last 15 years — and has benefited from reasonable startup costs, abundant real estate and office space, a well-established infrastructure and an efficient, productive workforce. Sioux Falls' unemployment rate is well below the national average and employers are always looking for qualified, candidates to fill their open positions.

With a lesser tax burden compared to other cities in the region, Sioux Falls is a welcoming business environment for growing companies.

Sioux Falls is a haven for small businesses and there are many resources available to help start-ups survive and thrive in the community.

Several homegrown operations have made names for themselves as regional, national and global leaders.

The diversity in the job market from 12 major, non-agricultural industries helps contribute to the diversity in the population, attracting individuals from all professional specialties. Though industry backgrounds may differ, employers in the area all share a commitment to continuing education, innovation, positive work environment and superior service. WalletHub ranked Sioux Falls the fourth best city for finding a job in 2017 as reported in Forbes. As Sioux Falls continues to grow and diversify, new, progressive career opportunities become available every day.

What it means to me

Opportunity for Everyone.

by Billie Streufert

Abundant openings. Advancement opportunities. Professional development. These were the items on our list ten years ago when my husband and I prepared to launch our careers after college.

As we researched cities across the region, Sioux Falls quickly rose to the top. Originally from Iowa, we were unaware that it was routinely featured in esteemed publications for its career opportunities, safety and recreation. Whether it was Forbes or other nationally-recognized rankings, Sioux Falls was unequivocal in the life it offered residents personally and professionally.

The city also offered a hassle-free job search. As we researched the city online, my husband came across the Sioux Falls Recruiting Co-op and contacted them to introduce himself. They then networked on his behalf and introduced him to the hiring manager for an entry-level human resources position. A week later, he interviewed and was offered the position. It was that easy. Over the years, he has found exciting opportunities to grow his career.

Finding my own job was just as simple. There were ample opportunities for me to leverage my educational and social science background. More than a hundred noteworthy nonprofits permitted me to make a difference and support vulnerable youth, immigrants, or individuals with disabilities. Augustana University appealed to me given its distinguished faculty and supportive community. I submitted my application, interviewed, and landed a satisfying position in their Student Affairs division.

You too will not need to look far to find meaningful work. From Fortune 500 organizations to award-winning hospitals, Sioux Falls is a hub for banking and healthcare. Other opportunities exist in manufacturing, technology, research and education. If construction is your specialty, we offer engaging careers for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and builders.

Career coaches are ready to help you, just like they helped us. Contact any of the organizations featured on our "Finding a Job" section for free assistance that is tailored to your goals. Like us, you will quickly call Sioux Falls home and be grateful for all it has to offer.