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As one of the most business- and tax-friendly states in the nation, Sioux Falls is the ideal place to relocate. Explore the countless options available in our city and the greater Sioux Empire area.

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Sioux Falls is shovel-ready and certified. But we know expanding your business is no small feat. Our economic development support services are comprehensive and accessible to help you every step of the way.

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Sioux Falls Development Foundation

The Sioux Falls Development Foundation is your Economic Development Partner to help you move your business to Sioux Falls.

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Sioux Falls Chamber

When you become a member of the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, you join nearly 2,000 other companies as part of the state’s largest coalition of businesses. Together, we work to foster growth in the Sioux Falls economy, creating a better business climate and a higher quality of life. Each of our members has a different story, but they all share the same goal of making Sioux Falls a better place. Join this great, growing community of individuals and business owners today.

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The pioneer spirit is alive and well in Sioux Falls, and it lives on in our entrepreneurs. You have big things to accomplish and being in Sioux Falls is your greatest advantage.

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How does South Dakota stack up against other states? We rank second in the nation for the lowest cost of doing business, the most business-friendly state and the best business tax climate. And as South Dakota’s biggest city, Sioux Falls is at the center of these benefits.

Sioux Falls Development Foundation

South Dakota is a right to work state with no state, corporate or personal income tax, no personal property tax, no inheritance tax, and no inventory tax. Combined with a state-wide culture of  fiscal responsibility, our stable economy provides companies a strong degree of market predictability for their bottom line.

Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce is a collaborative group of businesses, organizations and individuals that strive to make business and life better in Sioux Falls.