Against the predictability of the Great Plains´ gentle rolling hills, the social landscape of Sioux Falls is as varied as the people who live here with something to offer everyone.

Far from the quiet little prairie town it once was, Sioux Falls has exploded with the renewal of its historic downtown buildings that have been converted into lofts, restaurants, theaters, and businesses for people to cultivate communities and ideas in. From local coffee roasters like The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. to authentic Guatemalan restaurants like Jacky´s, Sioux Falls is proud to support people from across the street or across the world and let their rhythm strengthen the pulse that has become the heartbeat of the city.

No matter what your lifestyle, no matter your tastes or interests, Sioux Falls is an incubator for the ideas and values of the people and cultures that call it home.

With art installations from global influencers at The Washington Pavilion mere blocks away from some of the most creative artists in the Midwest displaying work at local galleries like Exposure Gallery & Studios or Eastbank Art Gallery, people can enjoy the enormous talent the city has and attracts.

Likewise, people can take in live music at venues big and small. Walking along the streets, it´s easy to get sidetracked by the local musicians playing at the bars or homegrown craft breweries like Fernson Brewing Co., Woodgrain Brewing Co., Hydra Beer Company or Gandy Dancer Brew Works before making their way to the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center to catch whatever headliner is stopping through Sioux Falls.

For those seeking to escape and unwind outdoors, Sioux Falls is positioned less than an hour from quiet places to camp, hike, hunt, and fish nearly anytime of year. With local outfitters like The Great Outdoor Store, families and enthusiasts can gear up and head to Palisades State Park to camp, hike, kayak, and climb the pink quartzite cliffs. Newton Hills State Park offers quiet trails with opportunities to view wildlife and stargaze with unobstructed views of the Midwestern sky, while Lake Alvin offers the the chance to fish and relax.

No matter what your lifestyle, no matter your tastes or interests, Sioux Falls is an incubator for the ideas and values of the people and cultures that call it home.

What it means to me

The Unique Voice of Sioux Falls

by Rob Green

Growing up in Sioux Falls, all I remember was wanting to get out. I must have thought that somehow a population number was tied to my dreams. It was only after leaving that I realized how much the city meant to me.

I´ve traveled to nearly every corner of the globe any number of times, working with any number of people in any number of cities under any number of circumstances. But no matter how many times I´m gone, no matter how many times I find opportunity in other places, I always come home. There is just something here that´s hard to ignore.

It´s not New York. It´s not L.A. It´s not Denver or Chicago. And it doesn´t try to be.

Sioux Falls is its own, and there´s pride in that. There is a sense of community here like few places I´ve ever seen, and it draws you in: business, art, music, you name it. It´s got this sweet spot that I can only describe as unique. It´s big enough to attract characters and ideas from all over that influence ideas and industry alike, yet it´s small enough to keep people tightknit and communicative.

The possibility to create here is outstanding. It´s a city that lets you try yourself out again and again. You can reinvent and reshape yourself and continually find support everywhere you look, and it´s only getting better. The more diverse the community becomes, the more it feels comfortable in its own skin. It might not be the biggest city in the States, but it´s got a voice if you listen for it; one that always keeps me coming back.