Sioux Falls is one of the safest cities in America. It's a bold statement, but the crime statistics back it up — on average, people here experience less violent and non-violent crimes than in other similarly-sized cities.

However, behind those numbers there's an even bigger story to tell. Sioux Falls is a safe city not simply because we have an incredible police department that strives to serve and protect the citizenry, but because Sioux Falls is still a community of neighbors. We look out for each other and take care of each other.

Strong community partnerships are key to making Sioux Falls a safe place to live, work, play and grow. Residents are engaged and feel connected not only to each other, but also to supporting law enforcement.

From programs like "Coffee with a Cop" that connect community members with the officers patrolling their neighborhoods to targeted initiatives that focus on keeping the city's core a safe and thriving place to shop, live and play, Sioux Falls works hard to ensure that its residents not only feel safe, but ARE safe. That means that kids can walk to school, people can enjoy the city's bike trails and parks day or night, and shoppers can enjoy unique shops and restaurants downtown in the evening. It means that life is better here.

What it means to me

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

by Chrissy Meyer

Snow in late December is just a natural part of life in Sioux Falls. Like many people who make this community their home, our extended family lives several hours away, so last year we were out-of-state visiting them over Christmas. As I watched the weather report from several hundred miles away I realized we would be greeted by several inches of snow when we returned home in a few days. As the media always says there's nothing more obvious to thieves than a house where the driveway hasn't been shoveled for several days, I was concerned, wishing we had made arrangements ahead of time with a snow removal service.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived home to find that our driveway and sidewalks were pristinely shoveled and cared for in our absence. There was absolutely no reason for concern! Our neighbors noticed we were gone and took it upon themselves to care for our property - our possessions - while we were away.

That's what makes Sioux Falls such a safe place to live. Neighbors watch out for each other. We notice when someone needs a little extra help, and we pitch in to take care of each other. And - God forbid - if something should happen, we know that it will be our neighbors who will pitch in to help us get through it. Living in a safe community is about so much more than seeing police cars on patrol, it's about all those neighbors looking out for each other, too.