The landscape and skyline of our idyllic "big" small town on the prairie is changing, and in a very big way! For the fourth year in a row the City of Sioux Falls has a record value of construction permits issued, totaling over $701.8 million! New projects are created, large developments on each corner of our growing city, as well as, major improvements to our downtown community. And while this exciting growth starts with building permits, we have many hard-working trades people to thank for helping shape our city and its infrastructure to meet the needs of the future.

With employers in the various trades, Sioux Falls' economy depends heavily on the hard work of our welders, electricians, plumbers, sheet rockers, and other skilled hands-on workers. And it is safe to say that with the record growth we have experienced, we would welcome more of these talented individuals!

Working with Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE) as well as Southeast Technical Institute, and numerous apprenticeship programs, Sioux Falls is positioned to grow skilled workforce right here in our own backyard. With our robust construction industry and growing manufacturing sector, we are poised to keep them here too.

What it means to me

Realizing Dreams Right Here in Sioux Falls

by Dan Wrightsman

After attempting the traditional 4-year college route following high school, (and having a lot of great fun during that year,) I was given the chance to work full time while getting my education in the apprenticeship program at the local electrical union in Sioux Falls. I had no idea then that almost twenty years later I would be working for a great company like Thompson Electric, running multi-million-dollar electrical construction jobs throughout Sioux Falls and surrounding region, mentoring new apprentices, and feeling the sense of accomplishment and pride when driving past some of the area's most notable construction projects.

Working on my feet, climbing ladders and walking stairs, has kept me physically fit (and I've saved money on a gym membership in the process) but this career keeps my brain fit as well as each project is a new challenge! Sitting behind a traditional "9 to 5" office desk never interested me; I love to be out working with new people and I have a chance to do that every day. Whether I am interfacing with the general contractors, building inspectors, or other tradespeople, I use my communication and problem solving skills in each interaction.

As a family man, being a commercial electrician gives me the work and life balance that I am searching for. My schedule allows me to be home in the late afternoon so I can pick up the kids from daycare and get some work done around the house, making my wife very happy. And it gives me some downtime before the evening hustle bustle begins.

Sioux Falls has a great climate for growing business and the construction industry benefits from our thriving business community. I'm lucky to have stayed close to home and realized my dreams right here in Sioux Falls!