Sioux Falls and the surrounding area offers many different activities for families with young children. Sioux Falls offers something for every child regardless of age or ability.

From art to STEM, children in the Sioux Falls community have the opportunity to explore their interests and grow into well-rounded children. Sanford Research's It's All About Science Festival provides adults and children with an opportunity to see the Sanford Research and participate in scientific experiments to ignite their interest in the field.

If your children are incredibly active and need a place to burn off energy, Sioux Falls offers plenty of opportunities for this as well.

During the summer, the whole family can spend quality time at one of Sioux Falls many public pools or at Wild Water West Waterpark. If you want to get closer to nature, your family can check out the Butterfly House & Aquarium, Great Plains Zoo or The Outdoor Campus. All of which provide excellent opportunities for adults and children to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Sioux Falls also offers numerous sports for children ages three and up. Baseball, basketball, gymnastics, ice skating, softball, and tennis are among the many activities offered throughout the year by a number of different organizations. With numerous choices in organizations, families can find one that has practices and games that work for their busy schedules.

What it means to me

Opportunities I Never Had

by Rachael Henning

For my family, Sioux Falls has offered my children opportunities I never had. My girls have both participated in the YMCA Youth Basketball program and are better people because of it. They have learned the value of hard work and team work. They encourage their friends and have developed a love of the game. My girls have also had the opportunity to explore so many more career paths and activities.

Sioux Falls is large enough to offer the variety of activities and organizations to support growing families while being small enough to get to know the families with whom your children are playing. Through their daycare center, my kids have had the opportunity to visit nearly every children's attraction in town. My oldest daughter has had the opportunity to play on the Sanford Heritage Court at the Sanford Pentagon and experience the rush of hearing her name called over the PA system. My youngest daughter has enjoyed renting skates and ice skating at the Scheels IcePlex.

In addition to the various recreational activities, Sioux Falls also has a very active volunteer base in the classrooms. Through volunteering in Junior Achievement of South Dakota, I have had the opportunity to teach children in first through third grade about their communities, money management, and civics. I have had the good fortune of teaching my eldest daughter in Junior Achievement for two years now. It is a great opportunity to give back and to help shape the youth of tomorrow.