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Living in the Heart of the City

  • September 2, 2020

In the past ten years, downtown Sioux Falls has truly become a point of pride for our city. Between the one of a kind restaurants, multitude of entertainment options, and unrivaled art scene, there is something for everyone. However, with the increase in residential living options, one of my favorite aspects of downtown is the recently acquired sense of community. Frankly stated, whether you are a single college grad or a newly retired couple, downtown is the place to live.

Living downtown Sioux Falls definitely has the perks you would normally expect — being minutes away from the best dining and entertainment options, the advantage of a quick walk to work, and always having something to do. However, one quickly comes to the realization there is something more. Something you’d expect to find in rural South Dakota, but not its largest city — a strong sense of community.

Every day on your walk to work, you will likely pass by your hairstylist, your banker, your gym, and, if you partake, your favorite brewery. After a few weeks, you become well aware that you are seeing most of the same people each and every day. Now, I’ve lived in a small town of fewer than 3,000 people and I can tell you firsthand , downtown gives me the same sense of community.

Whether you grew up in Sioux Falls or recently moved, I can guarantee you will find that sense of belonging rather quickly.

Justin Bentaas, Sioux Falls Resident

Not only are there organic aspects that help create this strong sense of community, but Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. (DTSF) has also done a remarkable job in cultivating this feeling. They offer DTSF Residential Membership that gives residents discounts at several downtown shops, invitations to resident mixers (a great place to meet your neighbors), and several volunteer opportunities within the neighborhood. As a member you will have no problem meeting your neighbors and becoming involved.

To build upon this unique sense of community, Downtown Sioux Falls also offers a wide range of exceptional amenities to downtown residents. For example, if you need a little caffeine to get you going in the morning, locally owned Coffea Roasterie is the perfect place to stop and get a cup of joe. Now most downtowns have one or two (or twenty) coffee shops, but the unique and charming aspect of Coffea’s downtown location is the fact that it’s part coffee bar, part art gallery. Rotating art exhibits showcases the plethora of local artists that call Sioux Falls home and, if you are lucky, you might also catch some live music. Located on 10th and Phillips, it’s the perfect place to stop by on your short walk to work.

On the other hand, if you tend to be more of a night owl opposed to an early bird, Downtown Sioux Falls has plenty of options for you as well. Whether you enjoy sampling craft beer, dancing the night away, or are more inclined towards dinner and live music, there is a place with your name written on it. Personally, one of my favorite parts of living Downtown is being able to easily entertain family and friends. Nothing quite compares to inviting good friends over for dinner, indulging in good conversation, and being able to simply walk a short block to one of the many live music venues. Your loft is guaranteed to become everyone’s favorite place to hang out, whether you like it or not — especially during summer events such as Downtown Riverfest and Hot Harley Nights.

With the strong sense of community, exceptional dining and entertainment options, as well as the ease of day-to-day living, Downtown Sioux Falls is truly an exceptional place to live for all types of individuals. As they say, live downtown and feel like you are on vacation year round!