There's More Than One Path to a Fulfilling Career.

Choosing a career path for a high school student in today's world is much more exciting, and considerably more multi-faceted. Students can attend their home high school to take core academic classes (English, Math, and Science) in the morning and choose to sign up with the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Academy for a block of time in the afternoon, or vice versa, each school day to receive specialized training. CTE Academy sponsors programs from culinary arts, carpentry, digital music production, welding to electronics/robotics and many more - together over 40 different courses to choose from. Courses offered at CTE Academy provide students with career exploration opportunities and relevant, project-based learning that aligns with each individual's future career goals. High school students may also participate in internships offered by many businesses in Sioux Falls, or enroll in scholarship programs, such as Build Dakota Scholarships, awarded to students entering high-need workforce programs at South Dakota's technical institutes.

The opportunities to determine the direction for your career are endless, limited only by your personal goals and ambitions.

Another choice for those who are not interested in selecting the four-year college route may be to enroll in Southeast Technical Institute (STI) in Sioux Falls right out of high school to develop skilled trades professions. Courses such as welding, diesel mechanics, carpentry, automotive specialization, etc. enable students to earn certificates and licenses after one or two years of classes. In addition, individuals may choose to attend the University Center-Sioux Falls to earn two-year Associates of Arts degrees in a number of different fields.

Other businesses in Sioux Falls have created apprenticeships for their employees. Midwestern Mechanical has developed multiple apprenticeships in fields such as plumbing, HVAC, mechanics, and fire equipment training. The apprentices receive on-the-job training from an experienced mentor, paid by the employer with no educational fees passed on to the individual. Some businesses also choose to retool their existing workers due to new technological advances where current jobs are becoming obsolete. These "continuous learning" opportunities for employees occur while on the job often at no cost to the worker.

Individuals who prefer the four-year college route can choose private universities such as Augustana or the University of Sioux Falls. They may also enroll in the University Center-Sioux Falls to earn college degrees from South Dakota State, Dakota State, University of South Dakota, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Black Hills State, or Northern State. Students can choose the Associate of Arts degree or Bachelor's degree at the University Center without ever having to leave Sioux Falls to complete these courses. Many are either online or occur in the classroom.

These educational opportunities offer students and employees unlimited advantages at varying levels of education for multi-faceted jobs in businesses and industries. The opportunities to determine the direction for your career are endless, limited only by your personal goals and ambitions.

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