Exploring Daycare Options

2017 has been an exciting year! In January I transitioned from a state government job to a successful, high growth corporate entity. And a few months ago, my wife Emily and I welcomed our first baby!

Talk about life changing events!

With Emily being a surgical hospital nurse with varying hours and my new job, exploring daycare options was added to our "to-do-list". Not really sure how long the process would take, we started exploring daycare options early.

We knew a daycare center would be the best fit for our family in terms of hours and reliability. . . always open and staffed, with later hours of operation than in-home providers - an advantage if our work day runs a little long.

We talked to other couples, researched a few centers close to our home, jotted down our questions and scheduled visits.

The process went smoothly and quickly. A number of the centers had openings available when we would need daycare. . . so we were excited to have options to choose from. All were comfortable, inviting and well-staffed. We made our choice, secured our spot, and rested a little easier.

But nothing can really prepare you for that first day. . . the butterflies, the lump in your throat, the unknown as you park, open the door and unbuckle the most precious person in your life. . .

It hit us. The realization - just the first of many firsts to come from kindergarten to college - but as we stepped through the door and took the time we needed to drop him off and say our good byes, we were reassured by what had originally sealed our choice. . . we were both able to envision Max (even through the tears that first day) growing up here. . . peace of mind.

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