Supporting People with Disabilities in the Workforce

The current nationwide unemployment rate for people with disabilities is double what the unemployment rate is for people without disabilities. In Sioux Falls there are many agencies and resources to assist people with disabilities find jobs.

If a person with a disability is associated with a community support provider such as LifeScape, Southeastern Directions for Life or Volunteers of America, they can receive assistance in job assessment, job placement and on-the-job training.

If a person with a disability prefers to work with a state agency such as Division of Rehabilitation Services or Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired, they can receive assistance in obtaining or maintaining employment. Services offered may include: vocational counseling, job placement, job assessment, job coaching, self-employment services and post-employment services.

Sioux Falls is receptive to having a more diverse, inclusive workforce that includes people with disabilities.

If a person with a disability wants to find employment independently, there are other resources such as the Department of Labor and Regulation that offers a Job Search Assistance Program, a Resource Room with computers and internet access as well as SD Works, the largest job database in the state. Goodwill of the Great Plains also prepares, trains and places job seekers with disabilities into employment in the community.

There is a statewide campaign titled "Ability for Hire" that is designed to deliver information, outreach and resources to job seekers and the private workforce system to ensure greater recruiting and hiring opportunities for job seekers with disabilities. The purpose is to better inform, connect and communicate with people with disabilities looking for jobs and the employment system to promote a more inclusive workforce. Sioux Falls businesses and Sioux Falls employees with disabilities are featured in this campaign.

Business Resource Network in Sioux Falls has a list of over 90 businesses in Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities that employ at least one person with a disability. These businesses receive a Disability Friendly Recognition Program window cling from Business Resource Network and the Sioux Falls Disability Awareness Commission to display at their place of business.

Sioux Falls is receptive to having a more diverse, inclusive workforce that includes people with disabilities.

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